You spend a fortune getting footfalls.

Pity you can’t engage them actively when they arrive.

y.Hatch helps your visitors chat with each other.

In a gamified environment.

They can ask questions, setup polls, respond to others’ questions.

You get a wealth of clear, measurable benefits.

High Engagement

High Emotional Quotient (EQ) Aids Brand Recall

Improved SEO

User-Generated Content.Socially share-worthy


Gamified environment.Fishing where the Fish are

Pre-Sales Insights

Decision triggers and competitive stack-up

Increased Sales

Better Conversions,Cross/Up-Sell

y.Hatch is your sales tool.

You don’t need additional Support Reps to start.

Clients love y.Hatch

In the last 15 days

of visitors engaged with the content

of those contributed/created new User Generated Content


increase in overall time spent on website

Shiny, Happy Clients of all kinds

Our clients are super-charging their Content game with y.Hatch

  • Get started in 5 minutes!

    You are literally 5 minutes and a few lines of code away from enabling p2p visitor conversations and magic!

  • Simple to use!

    The familiar messaging interface allows your visitors to easily ask, answer and upvote.

  • Keep track of activity

    Get insights on what people are talking about. Use good content to boost SEO. Moderate the unsavory content.




  • 1000 interactions/ mo
  • CSV Chat Transcripts
  • E-mail support
Rs.5000/ mo


  • First 15-Days free. No Credit Card required.
  • Unlimited interactions*
  • API provided for Discussion Forum content!
  • CSV + APIs for Chat Transcripts
  • Customizable Launch Button
  • E-mail and Phone Support

More Info

1. What constitutes “Interaction”?
Each Question, Reply, Poll, Like or any other actionable user interaction within the y.Hatch window is counted as an Interaction.
2. What is y.Hatch Discussion Forum?
As part of the Advanced Package, y.Hatch provides the necessary Tools and Templates to help you create your own Discussion Forum as a sub-domain on your website. User Generated Content (UGC) created via these dual (synchronized) points of presence helps you with improved SEO and contextual traffic, and increased engagement via higher Dwell Times too. We have found Users spending ~10X more time inside the y.Hatch window than their average duration on the website itself.
3. Customizable Launch Button:
As part of the Advanced Package, Clients can choose to customize the launch button for the messaging window.
4. Clients of the Advanced Package are automatically downgraded to Basic Package upon non-receipt of payment against Invoices raised. The service remains undisrupted upto 1000 Interactions p.m., after which the Messaging window becomes unavailable if it continues to remain unpaid.


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